Production and sale of office and hairdressing chair parts with more than 400 various products

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Office chair frame and flop

Industry initiative, producing more than 40 models of office chair frames and flaps, with the best quality. The frame is the most suitable alternative to the wooden coil

Office chair base

Industry initiative producing all kinds of plastic, metal and aluminum bases. With efficiency in managerial, staff, expert, waiting and fixed office chairs

Office chair handle

Industry initiative, designer and manufacturer of various categories of management, staff, expertise and expectation with high diversity and excellent quality.

Wheels and functional parts

Initiative of the manufacturer of all kinds of office chair wheels, hoses, telescopic office chairs, spring frame, footing, finger, cap and….

Office and revolving chair jack

The chair jack is one of the most important parts of the office chair and it should be ensured that it is standard. Industry initiative by Jack Ergo with 5 years warranty and up to 3 years replacement

Plastic injection services

Industrial initiative providing plastic injection services in 1 to 3000 grams, providing mold making consulting and purchasing raw materials

Special portfolios

Brain 322

covers series, Products,

Jelly wheel size 65

caster series, Products,

?Why choose us

Industry Initiative produces more than 300 products in the production of office and hairdressing chair parts and dozens of custom products from other guilds. The variety of the above products is one of the advantages of the industry initiative, so that in the industry initiative, all parts, office chairs are available, such as jacks, frames, nuts, handles, and so on.

The initiative of the industry by using high quality raw materials in the production of chair parts has always wanted to increase the durability and quality of its products. One of the differences between the industry initiative and having pu office handles is made of pu. Which is the best alternative to integral materials in the pad. The integral material in the handle pad disappears and becomes powdery over time, but the pu of the office chair handle pads will not lose their appearance as long as they are and will be like the first day, and another advantage of pu is the double softness of these pads.

Industrial initiative providing plastic injection services with weights of 1 gram to 3000 grams. Using the most advanced production equipment. With more than 30 years of brilliant experience in the office chair parts manufacturing industry, Ebtekar Sanat has been able to acquire sufficient knowledge and skills in the field of plastic and pu injection.
Manufacturers of office chairs and other guilds can consult their industry initiative managers for free consultation to produce their custom parts.
This consultation can answer your questions, dear manufacturers, about how to make the mold, the steps of manufacturing and producing the product, and determining the type of raw materials, and so on.
Ebtekar Sanat Industrial Group hopes to share its knowledge about the production of office chair parts and other auxiliary parts with office chair manufacturers and other dear manufacturers.
Please contact us to receive consultation time.

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What we offer

New telescope

تصاویر Industry initiative producing telescopic sheets based on sheets, ovals, in one-piece, two-piece and three-piece designs and models with different assembly methods. Telescope is the base of the office chair to cover the welds where the base blades connect to the conical jack. Office chair bases are produced in different sizes and models, such as [...]

بیشتر بخوانید

Manufacturer of metal and plastic foot rims

This piece can be used in chairs that have jacks or high bases.

بیشتر بخوانید

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our products

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